Successful Charlemagne Inaugural meeting

20 supporters of the Euregion were welcomed by our host the Maastricht municipality at the grand 17th Century Maastricht City Hall (created by well-known architect and painter Pieter Post known for eg the Mauritshuis in the Hague) with ‘Mestreecher Vlaai’ in a faboulous room with grandour in which the Maastricht Mayor and Aldermen still have their weekly session.

After the formal session – you may find the link to the minutes here: Charlemagne Inaugural meeting 26.03.2015 Minutes– , some late arrivers joined for drinks where the group

continued their discussions, switching from English to Limburgs, German, Dutch and French.

We gratefully thank our host, key-note speaker and all attendees for their interest and contribution.

We appreciate your support and ask you kindly to spread the word to grow the nexus in the Euregion.

 We shall contact you for a second event after the summer. Please share your ideas for speakers, events, blogs!